A facilitator helps you to concentrate
to the substance during the workshop!

The facilitator’s role is to make the team’s work “easy”.

We have a long experience in facilitating different kind of workshops and in sparring the management in the implementation of agreed actions. With a positive and enthusiastic attitude we can help you team to be successful.

A successful Forerunner workshop consists of good team work, structured way of working and effective use of the meeting time.

As a part of our services we can guide you to a structured way of follow up of the workshop results.

The final success of the workshop can be determined first when the results of the agreed actions are implemented.

We can help you e.g. in converting your strategy to concrete measurable action plans. We also have a long experience in aligning and cascading down the strategy to all organisation levels and to personal performance targets.

Coaching individuals provides an excellent catalyst and fertile base for taking individuals and teams to new heights in terms of performance and operational effectiveness.

Leaders preparing to step into new roles
Optimising performance of fast-trackers to accelerate career development
Senior executives for whom external coaching may be strategically more appropriate
Executive coaching establishes a relationship based on trust, collaboration and integrity. It focuses on the growth needs of the manager or leader in a context that has high performance expectations.
Our executive coaching services include coaching solutions custom designed to support your objectives; they provide a coach approach to strategy development and implementation, performance enhancement, leadership development and building team effectiveness.Many executive coaching opportunities arise where the perspective and confidentiality of an external coach is appropriate. These might include the following coaching-intensive situations:
New hires, especially at senior executive level
Times of rapid organisational change